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AJ McGowan, Child and Family Consultant works with children, adolescents and adults to provide support for individuals working through any trauma related issues, these issues include but are not limited to: behavioral and emotional issues, social anxiety and isolation, introversion, panic, generalized anxiety and depression.  Parenting can be stressful

The Covid pandemic has been traumatic and joining us in one of the groups would go a long way in working through any issues that have arisen because of it.



My therapeutic lens incorporates traditional practices and perspectives from child development theorists such as Freud, Piaget and Bandura, as well as using a trauma centered approach that is informed by Van der Kolk, Levine and Rosenberg. In my experience, I find that talk therapy alone is insufficient to meet the needs of child and youth emotional development and that group therapy is the best way to encourage skill growth.

I offer small groups that allow the children to make friendly connections, to learn appropriate boundaries and more acceptable social behavior and especially, to be their authentic selves. The limbic system in the brain is a set of structures that deal with emotions and memory. In order for children to repair the damage to their limbic system from their traumatic experiences, the child needs to have experiences that counteract their trauma and develop new healthier pathways in the brain.

My groups do this by offering the following components:

1. Small supportive age appropriate group

2. Physical movement to calm and relieve stress

3. The exploration and identification of dissociated stress in the body. 

4. The resolution of that stress

5. Explore self identity

6. The introduction and maintenance of healthy boundaries

 I do this through the strategic use of art therapy practices that are designed to access the unconscious and bring forward the issues troubling an individual and uncover what is wanted by the individual to repair those issues.

What I am offering is not just exploration but healing.



Annmarie McGowan, B.A., M.A. Child and Youth Studies.

Niagara Falls, ON L2G 5R5, Canada


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