My artistic expression

In 2019, I did something I always wanted to do and became a Certified Nail Technician!

I decided to move from painting to nail art as a way to express myself.

Art clears my head, relaxes my body and makes me feel alive.

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Size Chart

Use the following chart to choose the correct size when purchasing hand crafted press on nails or when ordering a custom set

MM nail width = Standard size Tips

18/ 0, 17/ 1,16/ 2, 15/ 3, 14/ 4

13/5, 12/ 6,11/7,10/ 8, 9/9, 8/10, 7/11

Hand and nail size

Extra small, 14,10,11,10,9

Small, 15,11,12,11,9

Medium, 16,12,13,12,10

Large ,17,13,14,13,10

Extra large,18,14,15,14,11

(5) How to Measure Nails for Press-On Nails - YouTube

Please watch the above video from Kirsty Meakin at Naio Nails for a demonstration of how to measure your nails for custom press on nails..

Do all ten nails or get one custom blinged out bliss of a nail!